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Where can I find your products?

Our products are available in several points of sale throughout Quebec, please see the complete list in the Point of Sale section.Point de vente.

You can also buy our products on our online store or directly at our factory at 5820 boul. Gene-H. Kruger in Trois-Rivières..

I would like to sell your products in my store, is that possible?

Of course! You can send us an email at with your store's contact information and we will be happy to send you the details..

Where is your store located?

Our Factory is located at 5820 Gene H-Kruger in Trois-Rivières..

What are the opening hours of your store:

We are open Monday through Wednesday from 9am to 5pm, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Can I bring my dog when I visit your store?

Absolutely, we are always happy to meet our loyal customers and let them taste our products!

Can dogs with allergies eat your cookies?

All depends on your dog's allergy but no animal protein is used in our recipes. Our cookies are all made with fruits and vegetables (except for the peanut flavour). See our products page for a complete list.

How many calories are in your cookies?

Our cookies are made with natural ingredients and fruit and vegetables. No preservatives, sugar or colouring agents were added. They contain very few calories (depending on the flavour).

For a lower calorie cookie, you can opt for our training tablets which are smaller and thinner than regular cookies.

Where are your cookies made?

All our products are made at our Trois-Rivières factory.

Can your cookies serve as dog food?

We only make treats. While our cookies can be given as a reward, they should not be given as the primary food since our recipes are not calibrated to provide your dog with everything it needs.

Do you make products for cats?

Currently, Todd & Paul's product line is exclusively for dogs, but we are currently developing recipes.

How many cookies are in a box?

There are roughly 75 regular cookies in the 200-gram box.

Do you use fresh fruits and vegetables in your recipes?

Based on the recipes, we use fresh, frozen, or pureed fruits and vegetables.

Do you only sell cookies at your store?

We have several Todd & Paul products available in store. We offer a wide range of cookies, muffins, birthday cakes, health bites, doughnuts, and ice cream products.

We also carry some products from third-party suppliers such as grub bones, food, toys, puzzles, and some accessories.

I placed an order on your website, what are the shipping delays?

All orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. Based on postal delivery time, you should receive your items within 3 to 4 business days. *The timeline may be extended by a few days during vacation and holiday periods.

How can I track my order?

You can send us an email at the following address:

Can I return the products if my dog doesn't like them?

We unfortunately cannot guarantee the flavour, but we are confident your dogs will love them! 😉
We also offer sample products such as our Buckwheat Bowl, so they can try the different flavours before purchasing a full box.

Are your cookies hard? / Can a dog without teeth enjoy your treats?

Since we don't use preservatives, our cookies are baked and then dehydrated to eliminate any moisture. They are hard, but easy to break into small pieces.

We are working on producing a range of softer cookies in the future.

How can I talk to one of your staff members?

You can come directly to the Factory, contact us by phone (819-376-9918), by email ( or through our social media.

Is there a minimum/maximum order amount?

There is no minimum or maximum amount via our online store. Delivery is free with any purchase of 55$ or more before tax.

Is online payment secure?

Of course, the online payment is secure.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free with any purchase of $55 or more, before tax. Otherwise, shipping is a flat $10. *For deliveries in Quebec

A $15 delivery fee always applies for orders outside Quebec..

Is it possible to order online and pick up my order in a store?

It is impossible since not all points of sale carry all the products sold on our online store.

What are the different delivery options?

When placing an order online, you have the option of having at-home delivery or in-store pickup at our factory at 5820 Gene H. Kruger in Trois-Rivières.

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